30 July 2009 ICFO in La Vanguardia

Two CONSOLIDER projects coordinated by ICFO researchers are highlighted in the technology supplement of the La Vanguardia newspaper. The CONSOLIDER projects, Nanolight.es and QOIT, are described in the article entitled “New Gullivers of the Nanoworld”, published in a technology supplement of the newspaper La Vanguardia dated Monday, July 13th , 2009. Both projects are coordinated by ICFO and led by Prof. Niek van Hulst and Prof. Jürgen Eschner, respectively. The article describes the effort of “casting light” on the nano and quantum world by means of two different approaches. The top-down approach, represented by Nanolight.es, can be described as the design of new ultrasmall structures, along with the concepts and materials needed to gather, harvest and guide the light at the nanoscopic scale. The bottom-up approach, represented by QOIT, consists on starting from individual atoms and their interactions with individual photons in order to design and implement increasingly complex quantum technology devices.