08 October 2008 Immunanoscopy in Barcelona

Sketch of Bio-Light-Touch

ICFO is co-organizer of the Symposium on “Advanced Microscopy Techniques for Immunanoscopy”. Three ICREA Research Professors, María García-Parajo (IBEC), Niek van Hulst (ICFO) and Javier Martinez-Picado (IRSICaixa) are organizing the International Symposium on Advanced Microscopy Techniques for Immunanoscopy to be held in Barcelona on October 15th and 16th. The meeting addresses major advances in microscopy techniques applicable to Immunology, and aims to share knowledge on the most exciting findings in Immunology where these novel techniques may have a crucial impact.

Among the topics are:
  • Single molecule detection and dynamic live cell imaging
  • Ultra-high resolution optical microscopy approaches
  • Single molecule force spectroscopy & molecular recognition
  • Hybrid microscopy (AFM & tweezers & fluorescence)

The symposium is organized in the context of the European NEST Adventure project, “Bio-Light-Touch”, which focuses on a new kind of light microscope that combines imaging of single molecules in living cells with nanoscale characterization of their biochemical function. “Bio-Light-Touch” brings together a multidisciplinary team of physicists, biologists and technologists from research centers: IBEC and ICFO in Barcelona (Spain); academic institutions: the universities of Linz (Austria) and Nijmegen (the Netherlands); and industry: the Agilent Technologies Company.