10 July 2007 ICFO in Nature Photonics News & Views

Dr. Aude Lereu

Aude Lereu contributes her news & views about surface plasmons for chip-based all-optical manipulation. Aude Lereu, postdoctoral researcher at ICFO, has contributed an article in the section News & Views of Nature Photonics, in July 2007 issue.

The article comments on how by using surface plasmons to excite quantum dots, researchers at the California Institute of Technology have demonstrated an efficient approach to chip-based all-optical modulation. The article points out how surface plasmons might become an important part of the all-optical modulation landscape, if optimization of certain current limitations of the technology is addressed.

At ICFO, Dr. Aude Lereu works in the molecular nanophotonics group led by Prof. Niek van Hulst in nanoscale optical fields and single emitters, using advanced experimental methods.