02 January 2020 2018 ICFO PhD Thesis Award

Dr. Carlos Abellan

Dr. Cesar Cabrera

Dr. Pau Farrera

3 ICFO PhD graduates awarded for creative and ambitious research progress In 2018, thirty-one ICFO PhD students defended their theses at the institute. From this pool, the PhD Committee launched an in-depth deliberation to determine the recipients of the PhD Thesis Awards, granting the prizes in a special ceremony in the framework of the annual ICFO Day celebration December 13, 2019.

The ICFO PhD Thesis Award was created in order to distinguish particularly brilliant PhD theses presented at ICFO. With it, ICFO wishes to highlight and reward extraordinary PhD students whose research progress at the institute has proven to be highly creative and ambitious.

The recipients of the 2018 Thesis Award are:

In the industrial field:
  • Carlos Abellan, in recognition of the exceptional thesis: “Quantum Random Number Generators for Industrial Applications” supervised by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Dr. Valerio Pruneri and tutored by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Dr. Morgan Mitchell.

In the experimental field:
  • Cesar Cabrera, in recognition of the exceptional thesis: “Quantum Liquid Droplets in a Mixture of Bose-Einstein Condensates”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Leticia Tarruell.

Also in the experimental field:
  • Pau Farrera, in recognition of the exceptional thesis: “A Versatile Source of Light-matter Quantum States Based on Laser-cooled Atoms”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Hugues de Riedmatten.

Congratulations to Carlos, Cesar and Pau for this recognition and for their important contributions.