02 February 2018 2017 City of Barcelona Awards

Hugues de Riedmatten

ICREA Prof at ICFO Hugues de Riedmatten to be honored for outstanding contributions in Experimental Science and Technology. The Barcelona City Hall has selected ICREA Prof at ICFO Hugues de Riedmatten to receive the 2017 City of Barcelona Award, in the field of Experimental Science and Technology.

The jury has recognized Riedmatten and the members of his research group for their outstanding contributions to the field of quantum information networks and quantum repeaters, in particular for their study of hybrid quantum networks, published recently in Nature. In this study, the researchers develop a hybrid quantum network capable of transferring quantum states between different quantum nodes via single photons. The results of this study open the pathway to safer telecommunications networks, compatible with the current fiber optic infrastructures.

The award ceremony will take place Thursday February 15th at the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona City Hall. The city mayor, Ada Colau, and the Culture Commissioner of the City Council, Joan Subirats, will conduct the ceremony and deliver the awards to all the awardees.

Congralations to Hugues and the members of the Quantum Photonics With Solids And Atoms group for this outstanding award!