23 October 2017 Nanolight

Niek van Hulst

Celebrating Niek van Hulst’s 30 x 2 To celebrate the landmark birthday of ICREA Prof at ICFO Niek van Hulst, friends and colleagues came together to discuss some of his favorite topics in the field of Nanophotonics. During the daylong symposium that took place at ICFO on Friday 20 October, invited talks were offered on the following subjects:

  • Manipulation and control of molecular beams
  • Precision spectroscopy of molecular hydrogen and the search for new physics
  • Light twists at the nanoscale -a singular story about life-long fidelity
  • Quantum Networks Based on Spins in Diamond
  • Nanometer resolution single molecule localization with minimal photon fluxes
  • Light microscopy with electrons, electron microscopy guided by light
  • Nanoscale photonic networks to trap and control light
  • Confocal-line scanning ophthalmoscope for Age-related Macular Degeneration Screening

  • Many thanks to the numerous colleagues, friends, students, and members of the Alumni Network who came together to make this event a special gathering to honor a highly esteemed member of the ICFO community.