28 January 2016 Royal Spanish Society of Physics Awards

Prof. Leticia Tarruell

Prof. Leticia Tarruell honored with the RSEF prize for Young Experimental Physicists. The Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF), with the intention of distinguishing and rewarding those who have excelled in any professional activity related to physics, created in 1958, the RSEF Physics Awards. These awards, given by the Royal Spanish Society of Physics (RSEF) and the BBVA Foundation, annually select the most important achievements in Physics from the Spanish community, recognizing the creativity, effort and achievement in the field.

The governing body of the RSEF awards the 2015 Physics Awards for Young Experimental Physics to ICFO Prof. Leticia Tarruell and Cambridge Prof. Xavier Moya. Prof. Tarruell is honored for the creativity demonstrated in conducting experiments in quantum simulation with ultracold Fermi gases.

Congratulations to Leticia and all winners of the 2015 RSEF Physics Awards across all categories.