09 December 2015 2015 Best Poster Award

Nolsen Súarez, Barbara Buades and César Cabrera

ICONS sponsors Best Poster Prize for the PhD Student Poster Session The Student Poster Session is held each year to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between research groups at ICFO. This year’s Poster Session took place coinciding with the first “ICFO Day” event, underscoring the importance of PhD students sharing their research with the rest of the ICFO community. In total, thirty eight posters were exhibited in the hall of the Nest Building, starting a week before the ICFO Day event and continuing through December to ensure that all have the opportunity to browse and learn about the many different research lines at the institute.

The selection of Best Poster was the result of three separate votes. All ICFOnians were invited to participate in the selection of the top three posters via an online vote while the PhD Committee convened in parallel to select three best posters. These six posters were evaluated by an independent committee during the ICFO Day event, including ICFO Alumni Dr Giovanni Golpe, Dr. Silvia Soria, and ICFO Distinguished Invited Professor Lukas Novotny.

  • Third Place: \"Above-threshold ionization and photoelectron spectra in atomic systems driven by strong laser fields\"
    presented by Nolsen Súarez from the Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics group led by ICREA Prof at ICFO Jens Biegert
  • Second place: \"Spatio-temporal Isolation of Attosecond Pulses at 300 eV: Attosecond Lighthouse at the Water Window\"
    presented by Barbara Buades from the Attoscience and Ultrafast Optics group led by ICREA Prof at ICFO Jens Biegert
  • First place: \"A new experiment for the observation of the bosonic polaron\"
    Presented by César Cabrera from the Ultracold Quantum Gases group led by Prof. Leticia Tarruell

*** The Best Poster award was sponsored by ICONS with the support received from OSA- SPIE.

Congratulations César!