06 February 2015 ICFO’s Academic Programs Management

Prof. Niek van Hulst

Dr. Rob Sewell

Prof. David Artigas

New appointments strengthen program structure One of ICFO’s central founding missions was and remains the training of the next generation of scientists and technologists. To date, the young women and men who have successfully completed ICFO’s PhD program have gone on to have successful careers in science, industry and business around the world, outlining the strength and relevance of the scientific program at the institute.

As ICFO grows, it is clear that the training programs that it offers also need to develop to meet the institutes expanding needs. Key appointments in Program Management confirm ICFO’s commitment to frontier research and its academic programs:

  • Prof. Niek Van Hulst assumes the appointment as Head of Academic Programs
  • Dr. Rob Sewell, PhD in Physics from Imperial College London and former postdoctoral researcher in the Quantum information with cold atoms and non-classical light group at ICFO assumes the appointment of Coordinator of Academic Programs
  • Prof. David Artigas assumes the appointment as Head of Academic Liaisons, leveraging his experience in the Catalan University system.

These appointments herald changes and improvement in program offerings that will benefit all ICFO students and post-doctoral researchers, reinforcing the pillars of a learning institute at all levels.