27 November 2014 L’ORÉAL-UNESCO For Women in Science

Eva Pellicer, Ana Belén Hungría, Rocío Ponce, Elisa Antolín, and Leticia Tarruell

Leticia Tarruell receives a prize for her project “Artificial materials with cold atoms” The L’ORÉAL-UNESCO Program For Women in Science gives recognition to female researchers all over the world. This year the program has awarded 5 prizes each aimed at young female researchers dedicated to Material Sciences (understood in the widest possible sense) to develop a research project during 2015 in a laboratory in Spain.

Prof. Leticia Tarruell, leader of the Ultracold quantum gases group at ICFO, has been awarded one of these prestigious prizes. The project which she and her group will carry out is entitled \"Artificial materials with cold atoms\" and consists in the development of a high resolution imaging system for observing different types of ultracold atoms’ artificial materials which will be produced in the quantum simulator that they are currently constructing at ICFO.

Congratulations Leticia!