01 July 2013 ICFO in BBC & NBC News


ICFO’s discovery on the quantum character of photosynthesis receives support from prestigious international press. BBC news as well as NBC News have published on-line articles based on the recent Science publication by the group led by ICREA Professor at ICFO, Niek van Hulst. The BBC piece entitled “Plants ‘seen doing quantum physics’” optimistically backs the group’s results, claiming that they “join the ranks of a field that seems finally to be gaining ground: quantum biology.” NBC’s piece entitled “How plants use Quantum Physics to boost photosynthesis” also points towards an exciting “step toward new design principles for controlling the flow of energy through molecular Systems.”

The combined reach of BBC News Online, with around 14 million global readers every month and NBCNews.com, one of the most important global news providers in the USA, have helped provide great exposure to the ground breaking science being conducted here at ICFO.