03 June 2013 New Junior Group Leader

Dr. Leticia Tarruell

ICFO is happy to announce the arrival of new Nest Fellow, Dr. Leticia Tarruell Dr. Leticia Tarruell joins ICFO as a Junior Group Leader with a research program that will lie at the cross-road between quantum optics and condensed-matter physics.

Dr. Tarruell completed her PhD in Christophe Salomon’s group at École Normale Supérieure in Paris, where she worked on the study of superfluidity in ultracold Fermi gases. After her PhD, she joined the group of Prof. Tilman Esslinger at ETH Zurich, where her research focused on the simulation of condensed matter systems using ultracold fermions in optical lattices. In particular, she was involved in the realization of artificial graphene using cold atoms, the observation and manipulation of Dirac points and the achievement of short-range quantum magnetism in repulsive Fermi-Hubbard systems. In 2012 she was appointed Junior CNRS Researcher at Institut d\'Optique in Bordeaux, where she has been working for the last months.

The ultracold quantum gases research group that Dr. Tarruell will establish at ICFO will use ultracold atomic gases as model systems to experimentally explore fundamental phenomena in quantum many-body physics. By exploiting atom-light interactions, they will engineer highly controllable artificial quantum materials and probe their properties. Their goal is to employ these systems as quantum simulators for studying open problems in condensed-matter physics, and to realize novel phases without counterpart in the solid-state context.

Welcome Leticia!