28 September 2012 2012 ICFO PhD Award

Prof. Romain Quidant, Prof. Morgan Mitchell, Dr. Marco Koschorreck, Dr. Tim Taminiau, and Prof. Niek van Hulst

ICFO PhD-Thesis Awards for Dr. Marco Koschorreck and Dr. Tim Taminiau. In 2010, the ICFO PhD Thesis Award was created in order to distinguish particularly brilliant PhD Theses presented at ICFO. With this award ICFO wishes to highlight and reward its best PhD students, whose research progress at the Institute has proven to be highly creative and ambitious.

The PhD Thesis Award aims to draw attention to the ICFOnians who have obtained particularly successful results and who have thus contributed to extend significantly the frontier of scientific and technological knowledge worldwide.

The 2012 ICFO Thesis award goes to Dr. Marco Koschorreck who did his PhD at ICFO with Prof. Morgan Mitchell and to Dr. Tim Taminiau who did his PhD at ICFO with Prof. Niek van Hulst We congratulate Dr. Marco Koschorreck and Dr. Tim Taminiau for the dedication, hard work, and scientific insight that have earned them this ICFO 2012 PhD Thesis Award.