17 June 2010 ICFO in Nature, with ultimate wave-packet control

Ultimate Wave-Packet Control

Researchers led by Prof. Niek van Hulst publish in Nature
the first observation of
the vibrational dynamics of single molecules.
During the past few decades, two techniques have transformed the ways in which researchers can probe molecular processes: coherent control over dynamic processes by manipulating quantum interference effects with shaped laser pulses, and single-molecule detection. Now ICFO PhD Student Daan Brinks and colleagues, led by ICFO/ICREA Prof. Niek van Hulst, show that the two approaches can be combined, allowing not only the observation, but also the manipulation of vibrational wave-packet interference in individual molecules at ambient conditions. The single-molecule approach ensures that the ultimate degree of coherent control can be realized, which could help unravel details of molecular function and how it may be affected by dynamics in systems as diverse as conjugated polymers, light-harvesting complexes and photo-active proteins.

The article \'Visualizing and controlling vibrational wavepackets of single molecules\' has been published on June 17, 2010 in Nature by ICFO PhD student Daan Brinks; ICFO Postdoctoral researchers Dr. Fernando Stefani, Dr. Florian Kulzer, and Dr. Richard Hildner; ICFO PhD student Tim Taminiau; Dr. Yuri Avlasevich and Prof. Klaus Müllen, both from MPI, Mainz in Germany; and ICFO group leader Prof. Niek van Hulst.