03 November 2009 Prof. Niek van Hulst Awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Niek van Hulst

European Research Council

The grant supports frontier research projects from outstanding independent leader scientists. ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Professor Niek van Hulst has been awarded one of the 2009 European Research Council Advanced Investigators Grants to pursue his project “Nano-Optical Antennas for Tunable Single Photon Super-Emitters”. The ERC Advanced Grants aim to allow top-level established scientists to carry on with pioneering frontier research projects.

Prof. van Hulst wants to emphasize recent advances by PhD and Postdoctoral researchers in his group, together with the dynamic excellent reputation of ICFO and the support from ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies), for having been crucial in this achievement.

The European Research Council is a research funding body created under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research. The first edition of the ERC Advanced Grants took place last year 2008, when ICREA-ICFO Prof. Maciej Lewenstein was endowed by the Council with one of the allowances.