08 June 2020 Resilience and Well-Being Workshop

ICFO’s Plus+ Program seeks to help researchers strengthen their capacity to face challenges involved in a competitive research career ICFO’s Plus+ Training and Development Program encompasses a series of activities designed to equip PhD students and young post-docs with personal and professional skills to prepare them for leadership in the academic and the industrial worlds. It offers a unique package of wide-scope scientific and technical training, courses on entrepreneurship and commercialization techniques, as well as opportunities for professional and personal development.

The Resilience and well-being workshop is clearly focused on the area of personal development. A research career path may be demanding on a personal as well as intellectual level, particularly for people having to relocate from their home countries and specifically now in the complicated COVID-19 context we are all facing. The program seeks to help researchers strengthen their capacity to face the different challenges involved in a competitive research career. ICFO has teamed up with the company OnBalance to design a program responding to the specific needs of ICFOnians. Particular areas of focus include:

  • - Improve ability to respond to change and uncertainty
  • - Understand and practice techniques to improve emotional well-being
  • - Develop healthy habits to minimize or neutralize the consequences of stress, improve well-being, health and effectiveness.
The program began on Friday, June 5th with a one hour online session in which Victoria Conesa, Director of Onbalance, presented the program and gave ICFO researchers general information on tools that can be used to improve emotional well-being and reinforce healthy habits. Before the presentation participants were given access to a healthy habits questionnaire to allow them to identify their own healthy habits and areas to be strengthened.