08 May 2018 ICFO teams up with the Sorigué Group

ICFO and Sorigué sign an agreement for collaborative research As part of Sorigué’s commitment to innovation as a strategic axis for the growth and differentiation of its business, the group has signed an agreement with ICFO to develop joint research projects where the use of photonic based technologies may have a positive impact on the Sorigué business sectors.

In particular, the alliance has identified projects of mutual interest related to water and construction. Photonics, which maximizes the use of new high-performance materials, has a multitude of applications, including for example in buildings, making them energy-efficient, or in desalination plants, improving efficiency and reducing costs, thus increasing access to potable water.

In addition, the agreement promotes the development and implementation of R + D + i activities and programs, as well as the promotion of research in areas of mutual interest.

ICFO’s director, Lluís Torner as well as Silvia Carrasco, director of the Knowledge and Technology Transfer unit (KTT), ICREA Professor at ICFO Dr Valerio Pruneri, leader of the Optoelectronics research group, and Alba B. Rosado, manager of the Graphene project portfolio, were present at the signature. On behalf of Sorigué, Ana Vallés, president of Sorigué, as well as the director of Innovation, Joan Pons, and the general director of Engineering and Construction of the company, Manuel Delgado, attended the event.

Ana Vallés, president of Sorigué, has expressed her satisfaction with this agreement: “Collaborating with ICFO means consolidating an alliance with a research center of the highest international level, in order to develop together differential tools with a high social impact for our industrial group. This partnership will promote and facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the industrial world and the science and technology developed by ICFO. “ For his part, Lluís Torner, director of ICFO, commented: “We are very proud to be strengthening ties with Sorigué, which has both a strong vision of the future as well as business capacity. This will provide us with a great o opportunity to bring innovations to the market in areas of common interest.“

ICFO and Sorigué may develop projects and collaborative activities across any institution and / or company within the business group.

Both organizations will constitute a mixed commission with the objective of programming, evaluating and monitoring all the actions derived from this agreement. The agreement has a duration of three years, which may be extended by mutual agreement.

** Projects have been co-financed with funds from the European Regional Development Fund in the FEDER Program of Catalonia 2014-2020).