In order to promote science and foster research careers in exceptionally talented young students, ICFO hosts various internship programs, offering the opportunity for involvement in research life, which often constitutes a student's first experience in a research project at the very frontier of science in optics and photonics.

Available internships topics as well as the relevant call with corresponding information are published on the ICFO Job Openings & Fellowships page. Eligible areas include Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

Undergraduate students from top Universities worldwide are invited to carry out an internship at ICFO throughout the year to broaden their education and research training, either by accomplishing the final career project or participating in a research stay.

Likewise, during the summer period, ICFO hosts the Summer Fellows Program in which eligible students, ideally within the last two years of their Master-equivalent or Engineering degree studies, are hosted and coached by the different ICFO research groups.

In addition to the focused training program which covers the basics and applications of the different research topics active at ICFO, students are invited to take part in the seminars which occur almost daily at the centre, as well as the Colloquium series, a program which hosts world-renown thought leaders who aim to inspire ICFOnians to learn about new and exciting areas of science, novel technologies and innovative ideas which may be outside their current scope.

Internship programs at ICFO are made possible by funding received from Fundació Privada CELLEX, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Severo Ochoa Distinction.