Laser cooled rubidium atoms

Quantum Nodes with Laser cooled Atomic Ensembles

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Cold atomic ensembles are currently one of the most advanced systems for the quantum control of light matter interaction at the single excitation level and for the realization of quantum memories. Single collective spin excitations (so called super atoms) can be created in a heralded fashion and efficiently transferred to a single photon field, thanks to a collective interference between all the atoms. We demonstrated that atomic ensembles provide a versatile platform for realizing quantum nodes able to emit quantum light with widely tunable waveforms. Recent theoretical proposals have shown that the ability to precisely control the quantum state of single stored collective spin excitations would open new avenues for the realization of more efficient quantum repeater architectures. We investigate the quantum control of the inhomogeneous spin dephasing of super atoms in a laser cooled Rb atomic ensemble, enabling the realization of temporally multimode quantum memories based on atomic ensembles. We also explore new ways of creating long-lived light-matter entanglement.

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