Non linear waveguide setup used for quantum frequency conversion

Quantum Frequency Conversion and hybrid quantum networks

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The ability to coherently convert in a noise free fashion the frequency and waveform of single photons is essential in order to interconnect quantum physical systems of different kinds by way of single photon transmission. In the context of long distance quantum information networks, photonic quantum memories have to be connected to optical fibers networks. However, most atomic and solid-state quantum memories absorb and emit photons at visible or near infrared wavelengths, where the high loss in optical fibers prevents long distance transmission. We investigate the quantum frequency conversion of single photons emitted by quantum memories (both solid-state and cold atom) to telecommunications wavelengths, using non-linear interactions in waveguide structures. We also work towards the realization of hybrid quantum networks connecting quantum nodes of different kind. We recently demonstrated photonic quantum state transfer between disparate quantum memories.

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